The new Webhooks service replaces the existing Callbacks service. It provides numerous enhancements on top of the callbacks such as:

  • Retries - If an object’s status changes on our side and we don’t get a response from you, we will retry that webhook following a schedule we have built.

  • Search - We’ve enhanced the Webhooks model to allow you to have greater search capability when you’re trying to hunt something down.

  • Refires (coming soon) - If the retries are unsuccessful and we have stopped trying to send you a webhook, you can refire a specific webhook to have your own automated workflow run as if nothing went wrong.

  • Enhanced security (coming soon) - The ability to include digital signatures in all webhook notifications. This will ensure that our systems are the verified sender of these messages.

We're encouraging all customers to move from the Callbacks service to the Webhooks service.

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