In addition to the Dashboard Analytics, platform administrators can access and download reporting results relevant to their platform, from a list of predefined reports within the Dashboard.

Each report is designed to provide a deeper level of detail into the occurrences within a platform, such as specific transaction, fee and user information.

Note: Some reports may show a message of “No Results” above their report titles. This indicates that the logic powering the report will not return any results, should you choose to download the reporting data.

How it works

Due to the large volume of data that can be present, you will need to click Run in the upper right-hand corner to prepare the data for download.

Once you have clicked Run, data will be available under each of the specific reports.

Using filters

By default, reports come with the ability to filter the data that will be included when you download a report’s results.

Simply click the “Filters” option in the top left of the reporting page to expand the filters menu. From here, you can enter a date range or the currency code of whichever currencies you wish to filter by.

Date range

The date range filter allows you to modify the results that will be downloaded for each report, based on the date range that you specify.

Note: Changing the date range will affect the results of every report you download. For example, monthly reports should have a date range beginning the first of the month so that the report yields results which are accurate for the calendar month.

Currency code

If your platform handles transactions in multiple currencies, then you can utilise the currency code filter in order to display results specific to each currency type.

Note: Clicking on the blank field within the Currency Code filter yields a drop-down list of currency codes available.

Downloading reporting data

The reporting page allows you to download a copy of the dataset behind each report in a variety of formats, such as CSV and PDF.

In order to download the results for each report simply click the “gear” icon in the top right of each report’s tile and choose “Download Data”

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