Assembly uses a fraud prevention tool that delivers real-time, multi-tiered protection, allowing us to create and deploy fraud rules specific to your industry, geography, as well as tailored rules specific to your business. Please visit our website or contact our sales team for information on our fraud management services.

Depending on your pricing model, Assembly delivers a fully managed online fraud service with a team of fraud experts to protect your business from emerging threats like Card-Not-Present fraud, shill bidding and account replication/takeover.

How they work

Our fraud analysts combine the analysis of your business model, type of industry, and historical data to deploy the most effective rules aimed to detect fraud by looking at customer data and purchase behaviour on every single card transaction.

“Fraud rules” contain as a set of classifiers that, when met, return one of three possible responses:


The transaction is deemed low risk and is accepted.


The transaction is exhibiting fraudulent behaviour and is placed into a queue to be manually reviewed by our fraud specialists.


The transaction is deemed high risk, as it exhibits known fraudulent behaviour and/or risky data elements.

Rule Classifiers

Assembly uses over one hundred different rule classifiers to develop the best protection for your business. Rule classifiers include, but are not limited to:

Geographical Profiling

Classifiers that look at discrepancies between the customer’s location versus other data.

Transactional Behaviour

How both your buyers and sellers interact during the transaction life cycle.

Email Risk Scoring

Network intelligence and predictive fraud risk scoring based on data that has been gathered on a particular email address.

IP Profiling

Similar to the email risk score, a risk score is also applied on an IP address.

Device ID Matching

Matching a Device ID against historical data along with a global consortium database.

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