At times, two transacting end users may disagree on the item quality, delivery of services, and damages that may have resulted during such. Both may also argue about the amount to be released or refunded. With Delight Premium, Assembly offers a Dispute Resolution service in an attempt to resolve disputes between both parties seamlessly.

How they work

Assembly’s Dispute Manager will first review the posted Item/Listing, the private messages on the platform between both parties (if any), and their prior correspondences with the platform staff.

The Purchaser and the Merchant will be separately asked for their viewpoints, list of justifications/grievances, and any information that may support their respective claims.

The Dispute Manager will then review all the information provided, and provide an impartial recommendation based on the facts at hand.

Common examples of disputes

  • A purchaser not wanting to pay the merchant because the work was not up to the standard expected
  • A purchaser claims that the product or goods were not as advertised
  • A purchaser refuses to pay because the goods were not received in good condition
  • The purchaser and merchant disagree on the scope of the agreed task in the middle of the work period
  • The purchaser claims that damage was done during the delivery of services, or performance of the task
  • The merchant claims that the task was misrepresented, or falsely/inaccurately described (usually for gig economies)
  • The purchaser simply refusing to make a payment, or is being unresponsive
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