Staged underwriting is a manual review process that Assembly conducts on your pay-out users (people you are sending money to) using the user verification information collected during the User Verification process.

The staged underwriting process is based on a number of underwriting thresholds determined by Assembly. The thresholds are set based on the risk profile of your platform/marketplace.

During a manual review, Assembly conducts various verification methods including, but not limited to :

  • Validation of email/domain existence

  • Cross-validation of social media links and other personally identifiable information (PII)

If at any point during manual review, we are unable to verify the identity of a pay-out user (person you are sending money to), Assembly will proceed with requesting further verification document/s to establish identity prior to the release of funds.

Passing as much information as possible when your first onboard a user will help create a strong user profile on your platform, and also help Assembly verify your users quickly, with as little friction as needed.

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