During a dispute between two disagreeing end users, we act as a neutral Third Party mediator/intermediary by reviewing and investigating both parties’ viewpoints and information provided, in order to present a fair and unbiased recommendation. This helps both parties resolve their dispute amicably.

Assembly actually utilises three out of the four basic types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), in an effort to resolve disputes as quickly and amicably as possible.

  • Pre-Dispute: Self Resolution (Negotiation) - Clauses in the Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions of the Platform encourage both parties to resolve the dispute between themselves before escalating further.
  • Stage 1: Non-Suggestive Resolution (Mediation) - The Platform receives notification that one or both parties wishes to enter into Dispute Resolution. The Platform then inquires as to whether either party has an alternative solution. If a solution is not readily agreed upon, the dispute proceeds to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Discovery (Mediation) - Information regarding the goods/product/service is collected from both parties, including a list of grievances/justifications for their opposing viewpoints. After weighing both sides of the story, a recommendation is made based on the information available, that falls within our scope of service.
  • Stage 3: Recommendation (Mediation) - A recommendation (can be a partial payment, full payment, or full refund) is presented to both parties which is subject to both their agreement to be binding. Should either party disagree with our recommendation, they have the option to propose an alternative amount or solution (e.g. cancelling the dispute and resuming with the task), which we then relay to the other party for negotiations to continue.
  • Stage 4: External Resolution (Arbitration) - If both parties cannot reach a mutual agreement, and do not wish to accept Assembly's recommendation, a fourteen-day 'Notice to Arbitrate' is issued. This requires either party to submit a written Arbitration Notice; if neither party provides a written Arbitration Notice within fourteen days, Assembly then proceeds with its recommendation.

More information can be found around Assembly's Dispute resolution service in Section 15. Buyer/Seller Dispute Resolution of our End User Agreement.

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